Missouri SR-22 Specialist

Liss Insurance does a really good job on “SR-22 specialty risks”, people who do not fit into the mainstream of what insurance companies want.
  • License reinstated in 24 hrs with special rush service
  • No one refused for bad driving record (too many tickets or accidents)
  • Free hardship application included if needed for driving
  • Personal service- deal with one agent, not a faceless person in another state or country
  • Comparative rating system assures lowest price available

  • Tickets
  • Accidents
  • No prior insurance
  • Foreign students
  • New drivers
  • Poor or no credit

Monthly payments are available. Liss Insurance give discounts for prior insurance, Home-Auto bundle discount multi-car, homeowner, EFT, paid in full.
We can write insurance over phone, and send documents by email, fax, or regular mail. Personal service is our strongest asset.

If you have a suspended drivers license Missouri, contact us about getting an SR22 certificate Missouri. This is a form of auto insurance Missouri that is designed for those who have poor driving records.

We understand that unfortunate situations sometimes occur while people are behind the wheel. Maybe, for instance, you have been involved in a huge number of collisions. Or, perhaps, you were found to be driving while under the influence. Both of these issues can lead to you have a suspended drivers license Missouri. If your license has been suspended, you need to obtain an SR22 certificate Missouri as soon as possible. We specialize in helping individuals get this sort of auto insurance Missouri. Having a suspended drivers license Missouri doesn’t mean that your life is over; you can get back on your feet! Contact us soon about your SR22 certificate Missouri needs.

SR-22 certificates are a major part of our business. When a person has their driver license suspended for tickets, DWI, uninsured accident, or No insurance, we send a numbered form recognized by States as form SR-22. This form not only tells state insurance policy meeting at least minimum state requirements was purchased, but also is in force.

At any time if insurance is dropped, a notice is sent to state informing of such, and may jeopardize that person’s privilege to drive a vehicle.

We have a great advantage over standard carriers, as we represent many companies that will provide this form at a very competitive price. We use comparative rating software that rates 10-15 companies at once to provide us with the lowest price possible.

We fax SR-22 to state right away to ensure the processing of reinstatement of drivers license ASAP